Why is my heel so painful?
1. How would you describe the intensity of your heel pain?
Mild Moderate Severe

2. Your heels hurt with the first step in the morning or with the first step after prolonged sittingĦH
Yes No

3. Will your heel pain awaken you at night?
No Sometimes Always

4. You cannot walk too long because of your heel pain?
No Yes

5. You feel your heel aching even when you sit down and restĦH
Yes No

6. Are you over-weightedĦH
Yes No

7. Do you get flat feet?
Yes No I don't know

0-7: mildly impact on daily life, pain occurs occasionally and subside with rest. If condition persists for more than 1 month, you should seek medical advice.
8-14: frequent pain especially after vigorous activities like running or prolonged walking / standing. Inflammation of soft tissue may occurs if there are stress repeatedly.
15 or more: heel pain occurs everyday which may indicate active inflammation of the soft tissue, medical intervention is strongly advised.


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