My neck is aching!
1. How would you describe the intensity of your neck pain?
Mild Moderate Severe

2. Does your neck pain limit your daily activities or work?
Mildly Limited Moderately Limited Greatly Limited

3. Does your neck pain affect sleep?
Not at all Mildly Moderately Greatly Cannot sleep

4. Apart from neck pain, do you experience pain radiating down to upper limbs?
Not at all Down to shoulder Down to hand No, but pins and needles felt Both pain and pins and needles

5. Do you feel headache frequently¡H
No Yes

6. Does your neck pain affect your appetite¡H
No Yes

7. Do you feel neck pain when you read or watch TV(or computer)?
No Yes

8. Do you feel both of your hand clumsy?
No Yes

9. Do you feel weakness of both lower limbs when comparing to before?
No Yes

10. Are you frequently suffering from wry neck?
No Yes

0-9: mild neck pain which may be provoked by stress, workload or poor posture. Change of work environment and correction of posture is advised.
10-20: moderate neck pain which already cause impact on daily life or work, medical advice is suggested to prevent worsening.
21 or more: severe neck pain which may indicate pathological changes on cervical region. Medical advice is strongly suggested.

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