I've got shoulder pain

1. How would you describe the intensity of your shoulder pain?
Mild Moderate Severe

2. Does your shoulder pain limit your daily activities or work?
Mildly Limited Moderately Limited Greatly Limited

3. Does your shoulder pain affect sleep?
Not at all Mildly Moderately Greatly Cannot sleep

4. When you dress up yourself, will you affect by your shoulder pain?
Not at all Mildly Moderately Greatly

5. Does your shoulder pain affect your emotioníH
Mildly Moderately Greatly


0-6: mildly interruption on daily life, sometimes these kinds of shoulder pain will subside spontaneously with rest. But if condition persists for more than 2 weeks, itíŽs better for you to consult medical advice
7-12: moderately interruption on your daily life, may indicate certain pathology on shoulder already. Condition may get worse if you doníŽt treat it.
13 or more: severely affecting your daily life, medical intervention is strongly advised.

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